The reliable partner

in the industrial plastic waste management

We have over 35 years experience in the recycling and processing of plastic material taken from industrial production scraps.

A company now in its third generation which maintains its artisan spirit of the past dictated by operational flexibility and values based on transparency and reliability of business relationships with its partners.

We work to offer a wide range of products and services capable of creating positive synergies with our customers and suppliers to grow and create value together in a sustainable way.

Our commitment in the sustainability



Forerunners of this market with over 35 years experience.


Our business relationships based on our values: honesty and transparency.


Our aim is to be a strategic partner for creating sustainable value.

Our Brand ®

Re-branding was launched during the thirtied anniversary. It is based on the mainstream two brand colors: red represents passion of all people involved into the company and blue is associated with the responsibility and the reliability of all its operations, services and products.

Three blue lines and one red arrow have been designed to create a “G” as first letter of the family name and at the same time a feeling of  circularity as core meaning of the business that buying plastic waste, it produces new and sustainable polymers to be used for the production of eco-friendly product.

New detail is  “Advanced Plastic Recycling”, which stands out the experience and the knowhow also in the international market.

Our Roots

GOBBO STEFANO Advanced Plastic Recycling was established in 1987, thanks to the vision and experience of his founder Mr. Mario Gobbo. He, as the leading pioneer in this industry, saw the importance of the plastic recycling for society and environment. Company was founded when market was no well-focus. It has expanded its knowledgement and it has developed new standard for recycling over the years.

Today it is the leading company in the plastic recycling industry and it creates positive synergies with its customers and suppliers to grow and create value together in a sustainable way.