Plastic waste management

Custumized service for our suppliers

We are strongly integrated with our suppliers and constantly collaborate to improve standards and performance in their management of production scraps with innovative solutions specifically designed according to the needs and in full compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Integrated solutions tailored to implement sustainable strategies;
  • Operational flexibility and constant optimisation of operational process;
  • Know-how and more than thirty years of experience.

Customized service design for your eco-friendly projects

Our team is at your full disposal to create and develop your circular economy projects.Contact us »

Purchase of plastic scraps

An accurate service that meets operational needs of our suppliers with the technical support with a range of accessory services and efficient supply chain management with our own authorized vehicles.

Manage circular economy projects

We cooperate with our customers in creating, developing and managing circular economy projects. A Trustworthy outsourcing for management and recycling of your production scraps, which increases operational flexibility without losing control.

Our Supply Chain

Concerning logistics steps, which are important not only from an operational point of view but also from the regulatory one, we use our own authorized vehicles in accordance with current environmental legislation, which – in combination with the internal logistics organization processes – allow us to be efficient and in time in performing pick-up and delivery.